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On this page, you will find projects I have been involved with or that are currently in progress.

Some of these projects will be part of my studies towards my MA Photography.

These will be updated regularly so keep coming back to see the progress.

Enthusing Young Minds


The phone has become the “go to” device for most things, including photography. With the magic of traditional photography at risk to being lost into the history books.….

It wasn’t until my late teens that I met a girl who introduced me to photography. The spark was instant and photography quickly became my outlet. I had found a new way to express myself  like I had never been able to before.

With exploration into film photography and darkroom work, I realised the art of the historical methods. I watched an image come to life for the first time in the developing tray right before my eye. This was the moment that photography took hold of my imagination.

Enthusing Young Minds serves to give as many children as possible in my local area the opportunity to experience this for themselves. Allowing them the opportunity to learn more about the origins, chemistry, and artistry behind the historical methods of photography. Enabling them to see beyond their mobile phones to take photos. This project will also aim to instil the transferable employability skills of patience, resilience and creative problem solving. In the current, extremely competitive job climate; these are essential skills for all young people to have.


Micro Project - Farm to Plate


Our recent change in locality from the city to the countryside has led to us to be surrounded by farmland. As a family we have always been conscious of our eating habits. We have always aimed to eat sustainably and being amongst the farms has made more aware of how our food is produced and where it comes from, specifically the agricultural food cycle. This project is designed to make visible this cycle to others and clearly show where our food comes from. The cycle being, cultivation, harvesting, distribution, retail, meal preparation and the final destination, the meal plate itself. This project is entitled ‘Farm to Plate’.

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