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Positions and Practice (PHO710) - Methods and Meaning

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

I've quiet enjoyed looking at examples of Faux Pas within photography. I've seen some that I like and some not so much but it is so interesting how breaking the "rules" in photography can result in a beautiful piece of art.

One in particular by Samuel Eva is a mis-scan which was described as unintentional. I look at this image and see it as totally unique and I am simply mesmerised by it. Is this a faux par or simply a happy accident though?

Image credit to Samuel Eva

I also looked at an image by Sarah Wyld - "Libby on Samothrace” which shows great examples of faux pas' done well. The rule of thirds is broken, the dark subject compared to the light background, all culminates in a hauntingly great image that makes me want to explore further.

Wyld S, (2014), Libby on Samothrace, Photocrowd, Accessed on 25.09.21, Available at:

To my surprise, I have quiet enjoyed looking at works from Bresson, Miller and Atget. I will be looking more into their works to see where it takes me and who else I might discover. I found that there is a broad range of photography, and it isn’t strictly contained within specific genres, it is also branching out into every possible faucet of our daily lives.

I have learnt that I do not yet have a great insight to other photographers/ practitioners works and for that, I will have to continue my journey of discovery.


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