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Positions and Practice (PHO710) - Mirrors and Windows

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Using both a literal mirror and a metaphorical mirror, I created this self portrait to depict "looking but not seeing," or "searching for myself."

A peer responded to the forum post of this image with the following -

"I think I'd have edged towards the interpretation that you were present but ignored by others to the point that you might as well not have been, or have been invisible like 'Mr Cellophane' in Chicago."

I find it interesting how my intended meaning can be interpreted by others in different ways depending on their own life experiences.

Prior to beginning the MA, I'd never heard of the analogy of Mirrors and Windows and it took my sometime to adjust my way of thinking to fully understand it.

Images can be split into either Mirrors or Windows.


Nicholls J, (n.d), Mirrors or windows?: Thinking about objectivity and subjectivity in photography with John Szarkowski, Accessed on 20.09.21,

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