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Positions and Practice (PHO710) - Words and Pictures

So far, I have never deliberately used text as part of my practice, apart from the occasional title for an image. I have so far always preferred the viewer to receive the image as a single structure to allow them to make their own judgements without influence.

However, in some instances where I have tried to deliver a specific message through my images, I will add a title, not necessarily to prevent the viewer from seeing what they want but more to guide them to the message of what I’m trying to convey.

To date, I can’t think of any specific instances where my use of text, either in the form of a title or a caption may have ‘intimated’ too much for the viewer. I certainly don’t think at any point in my practice that the limited use of text with my images would have undermined my photographs.

On my social media channels, I will however add a caption to highlight the camera the specific image was taken with and a rough year of manufacture. This isn't specifically to tell a story or convey a direct meaning to the viewer but more to act as record for myself so I see at a quick glance as to what kind of results each camera is producing.

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