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Set in the archipelago of the Shetland Islands, experience photography using the cameras of yesteryear.


As part of this experience, you are able to choose which camera you would like to use from an extensive collection, learn how to load the film and take photos. But the fun doesn't stop there! You will also learn how to develop your film using a homemade eco-friendly developer called Caffenol.


You will then be brought back to the digital age where you will receive digital scans of your photographs so that you are able to share what you've experienced with friends and family.


With only 5 spaces available per workshop, you will have lots of opportunity to pick the brains of the photographer. On completion of the workshop, you will be invited to a private Facebook group to be able to collaborate and meet up with other members sharing this passion.


  • The day will begin at the meeting point; St Ninians car park at 10am prompt where introductions can be made and a health and safety briefing can be given.


  • You will then be introduced to the range of cameras available, picking whichever one you'd like to photograph with.


  • You will load the camera with film and let loose to photograph whatever takes your fancy. The cameras will be all medium format giving you 8 - 12 shots depending on your choice of camera.


  • After you have exposed your roll of film, we will delve into the world of film processing by mixing up a batch of homemade developer to process your own film.


  • While the films dry, you will be invited to discuss the days experience.


Your films will be scanned and images sent through WeTransfer within 48hrs of the workshop ending. Once scanned, you will receive your physical negatives.


All participants must dress for the weather including good sturdy footwear. It is recommended that each participant brings a packed lunch and drinks for the day.

Vintage Camera Workshop - St Ninians - 16.07.24


    By booking the Vintage Camera Workshop, you agree to the Terms & Conditions

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