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Enthusing Young Minds -

The Caravan Darkroom

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Limited numbers available so be quick to get yours!

Step into a world where my passion meets precision, and every frame is a testament to the artistry of visual storytelling. I'm thrilled to welcome you to my online realm, where my love for photography comes to life.


Armed with a Master of Arts degree in Photography, I embark on a journey that seamlessly blends the digital and analogue realms, pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Dive into the world of analogue photography experiences and workshops, where I not only freeze moments in time but also invite you to partake in the magic of film. With a wealth of knowledge gained from my collaborative photography project Enthusing Young Minds, you too will be enthralled by the cameras of yesteryear and the magic of visual story-telling.

In my lens, I capture moments with a commitment to sustainability, weaving eco-conscious practices into alternative techniques. Whether it's a sun-soaked on-location shoot, the elegance of a corporate event, the timeless romance of weddings, or the meticulous details of product photography, I bring a unique touch to every project.

Beyond services, my images are available in diverse formats, ensuring that each visual tale finds its perfect expression.

For those curious to know more, for those eager to collaborate, or for those who simply want to explore the possibilities – I invite you to get in touch. Let's create visual poetry together.

Analogue Photography

From an old love of film photography, I began to collect vintage cameras of all types. These have been lovingly restored to a working condition.

You now have the opportunity to use these beautiful cameras of yesteryear!

From Box Brownies, to folding cameras and rangefinders to SLR's, there is an extensive range to pick from. 

Choose a camera, choose a location, load it with film, photography your story then learn to develop the film under the guidance of Chris G Smith.

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Click the Insta link to see more of the vintage photography. All available to purchase in any format to suit you.

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