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I like to photograph most things, one day it could be animals, the next day it might be a flower or a landscape.

I have completed an MA Photography with Falmouth University with a focus on community/collaborative/participatory photography using analogue and vintage methods.

Photography has always been a passion of mine and is something  I continue to enjoy every day.

I enjoy travelling to places old and new to see if I can find a new subject so if you have any recommendations for me, head on over to my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages to let me know.


Grant's/Funding Awarded


Articles and Publications

MA Photography - Falmouth University - 2023 - Distinction

Richard and Siobhan Coward Photography Foundation - £1000 Grant awarded for EYM - Mobile Darkroom Project

19.06.22 - Solo Exhibition of all work including Enthusing Young Minds - Sunk Island Church Heritage Centre

19.10.22 - 11.11.22 - Solo Exhibition of Enthusing Young Minds (to date) - Hull Artists Research Initiative (HARI), Hull City Centre.

Interview with Malin Fabbri -

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Contributor to Anthotype Emulsions - Vol 1

Book Available Here

Contributor to Anthotype Emulsions - Vol 2

Book Available Here

Interview with Christopher Osborne - Silvergrain Classics

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Interview with Christopher Osborne - Silvergrain Classics

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Article by Terry Bearpark - Holderness Gazette

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Enthusing Young Minds - The Caravan Darkroom Book by Chris G Smith

Book Available Here

Video credit to Tanya Riley.

She takes way too many photos of me doing what I love, but I do love to see all the different locations we end up exploring to be able to create these photos and memories.

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