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About Me


I'm Chris G Smith. I have been involved with photography from the age of 15, learning as much as I could and mastering my techniques.

Over the years, I've photographed wildlife, landscapes and many other things, eventually moving into Weddings, Events and Product shoots to mention but a few.

More recently, I have completed a Masters Degree in Photography and now love to involve myself in photographic projects. My passion project for the last 2 years has been the Enthusing Young Minds project which you can look at on the projects page. 

Having recently re-located to the Shetland Isles, I aim to re-launch Enthusing Young Minds to provide as many young people with the opportunity to try using photography to express themselves using the analogue medium.

Feel free to contact me with ideas or thoughts, I love to hear from you. Most of my gallery images are also available for sale in a variety of formats which will soon also be added to the online shop.



Grant's/Funding Awarded


Articles and Publications

MA Photography - Falmouth University - 2023 - Distinction

Richard and Siobhan Coward Photography Foundation - £1000 Grant awarded for EYM - Mobile Darkroom Project

19.06.22 - Solo Exhibition of all work including Enthusing Young Minds - Sunk Island Church Heritage Centre

19.10.22 - 11.11.22 - Solo Exhibition of Enthusing Young Minds (to date) - Hull Artists Research Initiative (HARI), Hull City Centre.

Interview with Malin Fabbri -

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Contributor to Anthotype Emulsions - Vol 1

Book Available Here

Contributor to Anthotype Emulsions - Vol 2

Book Available Here

Interview with Christopher Osborne - Silvergrain Classics

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Interview with Christopher Osborne - Silvergrain Classics

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Article by Terry Bearpark - Holderness Gazette

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Enthusing Young Minds - The Caravan Darkroom Book by Chris G Smith

Book Available Here

Video credit to Tanya Riley.

She takes way too many photos of me doing what I love, but I do love to see all the different locations we end up exploring to be able to create these photos and memories.

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