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Micro Project - Farm to Plate

Our recent change in locality from the city to the countryside has led to us to be surrounded by farmland. As a family we have always been conscious of our eating habits. We have always aimed to eat sustainably and being amongst the farms has made more aware of how our food is produced and where it comes from, specifically the agricultural food cycle. This project is designed to make visible this cycle to others and clearly show where our food comes from. The cycle being, cultivation, harvesting, distribution, retail, meal preparation and the final destination, the meal plate itself. This project is entitled ‘Farm to Plate’.


1. Looking After the Crops

When planning this project, I looked for inspiration from Raphael Rychetsky and Tomas Hertogh. Rychetsky uses vivid colours to make the content of his photos more appealing to the viewer while Hertogh employs the use of a drone to capture different angles of the farming processes. Both techniques I wished to use and replicate in my project.


2. Ready to Harvest


3. After the Harvest


4. Distribution

In my images, I see where our food comes from and each important link in the chain before it reaches us. I feel it is important that this is taught to the next generation to accelerate a transition to a sustainable food system. With the subjects and use of colours, it is my hope that others will see the benefits of supporting local produce, while obtaining a higher quality and healthier food source.


5. Retail


6. Choosing the Food

From speaking with farmers and local farm shops, I have learnt that better preplanning and time management is key in a project like this. Different crops are harvested at different times and weather is a big factor in getting some of these shots. I have witnessed that more people are beginning to see the benefits of shopping locally and purchasing local produce. This has now inspired me to look further into farming and its difficulties which I intend to develop into a greater project to share these with a greater audience.


7. Preparing the Food


8. On to the Plate

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